Wednesday, June 22, 2011


JAKE ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM! its still so surreal! We are both over the moon excited to plan a wedding and have it all be about US for a while!:)


 Saturday June 18th we had reservations at our favorite Mexican place for Margaritas with friends and family to celebrate my graduation! We were at home getting ready and I was sitting on the couch. Jake asked me If I was ready for my graduation gift. I looked up at him , rolled my eyes and said  "you didn't get me anything for graduation". He grabbed my hands and pulled me off the couch and started hugging on my and kissing my cheek ( at this point I thought he seemed a little nervous:: a little shaky ,and doing the nervous swallow lol) but i didn't think much of it. He stepped back and said " you re right, I didn't get you a graduation gift....but I do have to ask you a question" then he went down to one knee, pulled out a little red box and said "will you marry me?" At this point I was in shock and realized that he had grabbed the wrong hand (hehehe) I pulled my hand back and probably said "oh My God" a zillion times and "are you sure, is this for real" I didn't say YES until he laughed and said the ring is on your hand babe..yes its for real!" LOL it was a very simple proposal but it was so perfect! We left about 20 minutes later and I got to go to the celebration and tell all my friends and family the great news! IT was a fantastic night!

Now for pics!

we have a secret

on the count of 3 "WERE GETTING MARRIED" (mid sentence lol)
future Mr. and Mrs. Hall

the RING! perfect!

Me, my FIANCE, my mom and the soon to be In laws!

Now we cant wait to start party planning! We've talked about some dates, color schemes and such but we are waiting for a few things to fall into place to make any decisions:)

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