Friday, December 30, 2011

Found my accessories! nothing has been purchased so i may change my mind  (raise your hand if you are indecisive like me:) but so far this is what Ive chosen!


Hair piece:
hair- BEAUTIFUL! & i WON this exact hair fascinator!

Pinned Image

Swarovski Pearl Filigree Necklace Earrings SET - Freshwater Pearl on 14kt Gold Filled - Great Bridesmaids Gift

I'm still keeping my dress a secret:)

these are the shoes I'm kind of stuck between
flats sparkle ballet flats that I will probably DIY

champagne bridal sandals gold crochet fiance is only an inch taller than me so I WILL be going with flats:)

Whatcha think?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Totally non-wedding related!

I am officially entering the "adult world"! For those of you who don't know I graduated in June from a surgical technologist program and I've been trying and trying and TRYING to find a job ever since! Well..GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT! I got offered a job at a local hospital as an OB tech! I get to assist in Cesarean sections, vaginal births AND I get to assist in the NICU with all teeny babies! I am SO excited! This job is RIGHT up my alley! SO excited! And now that ill be DOUBLING my income I can actually have the wedding I've got brewing in my head! Yippee!!:)


Sunday, November 27, 2011


hehehe that titles makes me giggle...and kind of grimace too! For those of you not up on the wedding lingo that's Save The Date :) don't you feel a little better about reading further into this blog LOL

So Jake and I had pretty much decided NOT to do STD's...its really just an extra cost isnt it? unless you are someone who has alot of OOT (OUT OF TOWN..for the wedding lingo impaired) guests. However i ran across this adorable STD/Christmas card on etsy and since we send out Christmas cards every year anyway we decided this was perfect! We can have STD and technically save money because its doubling as our Christmas card this year! Here is the final product!
Cute Right?
The BEST part? I got 75 of these puppies including shipping for $6.22! yup! I simply edited them in, ordered them as prints from snapfish and with the code PENNYNOV I got each print for a penny a piece! woohoo!!! I cant wait to send these cuties out!:)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bridesmaids attire

 We have found our Bridesmaid dress! When I started Bridesmaid dress shopping I knew I wanted 4 things: First off I did not want a "normal" bridesmaids dress (you know what I mean. the stiff material that you will NEVER wear again) I wanted a beautiful shade of blue, flowy material and I wanted a belted dress. I wasn't sure I would ever find it! After searching through 283,363,827 dresses I came across this beauty
and this is what it looked like when I took Erin and Tracy to try it on!

(these were a size or two too big, but all they had in store)

Today I get a message from one of my girls that the dress has gone on sale for 58$! My last three bridesmaids ordered it today at the sale price (yay) and the bridesmaids who already had paid full price were able to call Customer Service and get the difference credited back to their account! I am sooo excited that my girls are getting their Bridesmaid dresses for such a great deal!  Now to find the accessories!:)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our wedding Party

Choosing Bridesmaids was in a way tough and in a way easy! I knew who I wanted in my bridal party BUT to avoid having a VERY lopsided party (more Bridesmaids than Groomsmen) I unfortunately had to narrow it down a bit (and we are still gonna be slightly lopsided..oh well)

Meet the ladies photo 1 Erin and Dean - my sisters - now my maids of Honor:)

Meet the ladies photo 2 Tracy and Catalina- My besties since highschool! Couldnt imagine not having them in on everything!

Meet the ladies photo 3 Beth- Jakes Bestfriends wife- Who knew I could become so close to someone Ive only known 4 years!

Meet the ladies photo 4 Bailey- Another of Jakes bestfriends wives- Love this girl!

Meet the ladies photo 5 Holly- another bestie since highschool!

 My sweet Flower girl Alyssa- the daughter of another good friend Christina:)

 Santiago- Jakes friend since college
 Stephen- best man- friends with Jake since highschol
 Greg- has known jake for 8+ years- they work together:)
 David- a longtime highschool friend of Jakes
 Chris- Jakes Brother:)

 Little Santi- our ring bearer:)
Little Stephen- our Bible bearer:)

Our Venue

We went last Sunday and FINALLY paid the deposit on our venue! We feel SO lucky and blessed to have been able to find this venue! Its perfect for us! I cant wait to see everything come together!

The Walters Farm

Let the planning begin!!!

Our Color Scheme

We have chosen our Color Scheme! If you know me you know that I'm two things: Obsessed with colors and indecisive! I am very proud to say that I have 100% chosen my color scheme!
 Slate Blue
 Olive Green
 and LOTS of burlap and twine!:)

I'm SO excited! I think these are great Fall colors with out using your expected red, orange, yellow and brown! :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Jake and I went to look at our first venue this past Sunday and WE LOVED IT! We tentively set a date for Sunday September 2nd, but I think we are going to try to push it back a few days to Friday August 31,2012!

Just a little sneak peak!

We also went ahead and made a honeymoon registry! Is it bad that we have hardly anything wedding done..but already have a honeymoon registry! lol

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


JAKE ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM! its still so surreal! We are both over the moon excited to plan a wedding and have it all be about US for a while!:)


 Saturday June 18th we had reservations at our favorite Mexican place for Margaritas with friends and family to celebrate my graduation! We were at home getting ready and I was sitting on the couch. Jake asked me If I was ready for my graduation gift. I looked up at him , rolled my eyes and said  "you didn't get me anything for graduation". He grabbed my hands and pulled me off the couch and started hugging on my and kissing my cheek ( at this point I thought he seemed a little nervous:: a little shaky ,and doing the nervous swallow lol) but i didn't think much of it. He stepped back and said " you re right, I didn't get you a graduation gift....but I do have to ask you a question" then he went down to one knee, pulled out a little red box and said "will you marry me?" At this point I was in shock and realized that he had grabbed the wrong hand (hehehe) I pulled my hand back and probably said "oh My God" a zillion times and "are you sure, is this for real" I didn't say YES until he laughed and said the ring is on your hand babe..yes its for real!" LOL it was a very simple proposal but it was so perfect! We left about 20 minutes later and I got to go to the celebration and tell all my friends and family the great news! IT was a fantastic night!

Now for pics!

we have a secret

on the count of 3 "WERE GETTING MARRIED" (mid sentence lol)
future Mr. and Mrs. Hall

the RING! perfect!

Me, my FIANCE, my mom and the soon to be In laws!

Now we cant wait to start party planning! We've talked about some dates, color schemes and such but we are waiting for a few things to fall into place to make any decisions:)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Im a slacker..i know..i know

Ok so I haven't posted on here in a while...and there IS a reason..well actually the reason is that there is NOTHING exciting to write about!:( Ive been super busy with school! But on the bright side! only 83 days to go until graduation! EEEEE

Here's something I thought might be a little fun to post!


A. Age: 25..ill be 26 in July!

B. Bed size: Queen..and can I tell you? Me, J and Rusty the dog= some very sleepless nights!

C. Chore you dislike: I have 2! dishwasher loading and folding laundry...YUCK!

D. Dogs: Rusty aka Rooster, Rusty-roo:)

E. Essential start to your day: I cant start my day without breakfast! I need FUEL!

F. Favorite color: Green

G. Gold or silver: silver

H. Height: 5' 7"

I. Instruments you play(ed): the radio? HA!

J. Job title: well I'm in school right now and not working..but come June Ill be a Certified Surgical Technologist!:)

K. Kids: none yet!

L. Live: Georgia

M. Mom’s name:Becky

N. Nicknames: Ash Bug, Sweet Pea, Scuzzlebutt :)

O. Overnight hospital stays: NONE! knock on wood!

P. Pet peeves: litterbugs! and being LATE!

Q. Quote from a movie: "Honey, time marches on and eventually you realize it is marchin' across your face. "

S. Siblings: 2 sisters Erin 22 Dena 19

T. Time you wake up: UGH! 4 am! so I can be at the hospital by 6!

U. Underwear: thongs or boy far a brand? I'm not picky!

V. Vegetables you don’t like: it would be alot shorter if I told you the ones I DID like!

W. What makes you run late: I'm not late! see above pet peeve question!
X. X-rays you’ve had: spine xray for chiropractor

Y. Yummy food you make: Chicken pot pie! and ranch sliders!

Z. Zoo animal favorites: BABY ANYTHING zoo animal!:)

Ive been to two baby showers, 1 bridal shower and one bachlorett party  in the last month..maybe ill get a chance to post pics soon since i shot them with my snazzy new camera!!!:)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hallelujah! FINALLY!

This week at clinicals was AWESOME! Monday I worked in the vascular lab ( i was the first student from our class to do that) and all i got by the end of the day was praise about how good i was! She couldn't believe how great I did with setting up my back table (where all the instruments and such are organized) and I even did the last two AV fistulas by myself with the surgeon! yay me!
    Then on Wednesday I worked with Jackie (she ahhmazing)  and Dr. Morrell  ( a GYN surgeon) he asked me toward the end of the procedure when I was done with school, to which I replied I'm finished in June. Then he looked at his tech and said that they should pass my name along because I was very very good! He said that I did great catching on to the procedure and anticipating what he would need before he needed it! ( so wish I had asked for a reference from him) Then to top that off my techs ( from Tuesday and Wednesday) went around telling everyone ( including my teacher) how great I was and how impressed the surgeons were with my work) They even told her that I shouldn't stop at just Surgical technologist that I should go on to become a first assist ( basically still a tech but you re the DRs right hand man!) EEEEEEE! This makes me feel so so great! Keeping my fingers crossed for this streak to continue!

OK, remember how I mentioned before (or maybe I didn't) about how I'm someone who lives in the future? always waiting for whats next and worrying my butt off about things like "will we have enough money" " what if it doesn't work out" etc etc. Well this week Ive been trying really hard to not only focus on one day at a time but to focus on one case at a time! I think that truly is what has gotten me through this great week! I think when I focus more on the task at hand I concentrate better and can absorb what I'm learning better! GO ME!

Project 365- Day 26

                                                  MMMM...Graham Cracker Ways!;)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project 365 Update..

OK I'm bad with updating my project 365 so here goes ( and no i haven't done it EVERY day...but i figure that's okie dokie)

Day 8- Tracy's 25th (again) bday

Day 9- My sisters puppy Elliot that she got ( who passed away a few days later from parvo) I know SO sad!:(

Day 10- Snowy goodness!

Day 11- Second day of ice and snow...this was my view pretty much ALL day!

Day 13- 4th day of ice and snow! Girls movie/ junk food day! Catalina (and baby Braelyn in her tummy) and Tracy

Day 14- Me and Little Stephen, watching Toys Story 2 and having a drink! Love this little one!

and that's where I've left off...i haven't done it at all this weekend...oh well:)


My mom posted this story on her face book page (yup my moms awesome like that!) and I love it....and possibly maybe REALLY needed to hear it!:)

True Story: I was shopping today and just ahead of me was a father with two young children. The boy who was about 6 was running giggling wildly and was tormenting his sister who was probably 8 or 9,  and was dead-set on catching him. The young father had called them down a couple of times and the older child whining and frustrated said "he won't stop, I can't catch him" and starts to cry, arms crossed, as she sets her foot down sharply on the sidewalk. The father, without breaking stride said "just stop chasing him and he'll stop running". She did and the younger child immediately turned around and came back to her. I thought about this all the way home. It strikes me as a fundamental truth: - chasing too hard after anything increases it’s elusiveness, clouds our perspective and makes the chase become the goal instead of what we really wanted from the scenario. Thank you to the young father who had no idea I was even listening.

Sometimes I need to hear these things I..sometimes...always find myself waiting...very impatiently for SOMETHING TO HAPPEN...for school to get easier for finish have a rock on my left ring finger..waiting for our time to get married, or start a family, or buy a house...maybe these things are evading me (or more likely that God is testing my patience and faith in HIS PLAN)'s tough huh?:) maybe I need to learn to sit back, relax and know that God has this fully in his hands!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My wish

I'm gonna write this hear because NO ONE reads this blog yet:) seeing as I haven't told anyone about it yet:)

Do you ever feel like theres gotta me more to life? I DO! I mean i have a pretty great life! I love Mr. H and I know one day he will be my husband, and we'll have a cute little 3 bedroom 3 bath house  with a couple of cute little curly headed green eyed babies bouncing around (God willing!) . I'm going to school for Surgical Technology and Ill be done in 5 months!! (YAY)  But is surgical technology REALLY what I want to do?

Honestly? dream is to find something I really really love and make something big out of it!

 Like photography...I've always LOVED photography but...i don't own a camera, Ive never owned a nice camera and I don't know the first thing about ISO and shutter speed! lol

Or Cooking! Ive just started to get into cooking (cooking from scratch is EXpensive!) I watched the movie Julie and Julia...loved it! I think it would be so fun to do something like cook your way through a cook book!

Or if I could come up with some hand made crafty thing that I could actually sell! that would be awesome too! Something where I could open my own etsy shop or something...but once again...starting something like that is expensive!

Maybe one day Ill be able to do something like this! Hopefully when Jake and I get a house ill be able to have my own studio/craft room/ office and ill get to be a little more creative with my time!

here are some pics of my studio inspiration!

 I love the freshness of this room!

 so cheerful! and I love that it goes out onto the patio!

 This one is cute if you don't have much space!

ahhh <dreaming>

Monday, January 10, 2011


First let me start by saying WE NEVER GET SNOW! especially 2 times within 3 weeks! Here is GA we got about 2 inches Christmas day! (it was amazing to wake up to a white Christmas!) and then last night at about 1030 it started snowing HARD! By 1230 we had 3 inches of white fluffy goodness covering everything! School was cancelled (YAY) and this morning when i woke up we had 5 inches!!! and yes school has been cancelled for tomorrow too!!(EEEEEEEE)

         This was last night at about midnight. We decided to venture out in Mr.H's truck to go
play in the snow..we were slipping and sliding just trying to get out
of our apartment. So needless to say we turned around and came home!
after our snowball fight!

the beautiful-ness I woke up too!

Rusty-Roo checkin out the snow

our apartment, blanketed in white!

and just for fun...this is the yummy chicken pie I made to keep Mr.H's tummy warm:)