Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our wedding Party

Choosing Bridesmaids was in a way tough and in a way easy! I knew who I wanted in my bridal party BUT to avoid having a VERY lopsided party (more Bridesmaids than Groomsmen) I unfortunately had to narrow it down a bit (and we are still gonna be slightly lopsided..oh well)

Meet the ladies photo 1 Erin and Dean - my sisters - now my maids of Honor:)

Meet the ladies photo 2 Tracy and Catalina- My besties since highschool! Couldnt imagine not having them in on everything!

Meet the ladies photo 3 Beth- Jakes Bestfriends wife- Who knew I could become so close to someone Ive only known 4 years!

Meet the ladies photo 4 Bailey- Another of Jakes bestfriends wives- Love this girl!

Meet the ladies photo 5 Holly- another bestie since highschool!

 My sweet Flower girl Alyssa- the daughter of another good friend Christina:)

 Santiago- Jakes friend since college
 Stephen- best man- friends with Jake since highschol
 Greg- has known jake for 8+ years- they work together:)
 David- a longtime highschool friend of Jakes
 Chris- Jakes Brother:)

 Little Santi- our ring bearer:)
Little Stephen- our Bible bearer:)

Our Venue

We went last Sunday and FINALLY paid the deposit on our venue! We feel SO lucky and blessed to have been able to find this venue! Its perfect for us! I cant wait to see everything come together!

The Walters Farm

Let the planning begin!!!

Our Color Scheme

We have chosen our Color Scheme! If you know me you know that I'm two things: Obsessed with colors and indecisive! I am very proud to say that I have 100% chosen my color scheme!
 Slate Blue
 Olive Green
 and LOTS of burlap and twine!:)

I'm SO excited! I think these are great Fall colors with out using your expected red, orange, yellow and brown! :)