Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just to add more to my plate..

Jake and I have decided we are gonna buy a house! hopefully by the end of the year!! YIKES!!!! Our Apt lease is up at the end of August and we are hoping that we can move into the house before the wedding in September ideally!
 So along with my wedding planning I'm becoming OBSESSED with looking at house decorating inspiration and ideas! Here are a few I'm loving right now! You can link over to my pinterest ( page to see ALL the things I love!

Yes, i will take 3 of these please! Reclaimed window coffee tables! <-- I love this coffee table! AND with Jake's help It will hopefully be our first DIY in our new home!:)
How to make a farmhouse table, love this- maybe I can get MR.HALL to make one of these for our one day home:) look at the BEAUTIFUL barn wood table! Also another DIY!:)

Love this tile<-- love the unique tile back splash

Crown molding shoe rack Crown molding shoe racks WILL be in my new closet!:)

The next few pics will show you my love for Grey and White!
i WILL have a kitchen in this lovely color one day! benjamin moore-antique pewter- I LOVE this color!!!! LOVE

And HOPEFULLY we will have room for a Craft room!...or as Jake calls it my CRAP room! LOL
craftroom & if not at least maybe I can have a craft closet! closet turned craft closet or maybe a craft armoire? craft Cabinet

& Ive also been looking at inspiration for the Little Halls! (because ONE DAY the HALLway will leads to baby's room right?:) 
coral, gray, and white nursery..L.O.V.E! my ideal color scheme for a girls nursery!  I love gray and white with pops of color! gray and white nursery<--once you see my obsession with grey?

Hugs and Kisses,
 From the soon to be Mrs!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Unfortunately when you say Memorial day most  alot of people think First of BBQ-ing, Pool, Lake, Sun, Summer cocktails...and 2nd all of the soldiers who are fighting /have fought for our freedom. In my own little corner of the Blogging world I want to say a big THANK all of those men and women who are away from their families, only wishing for a day of relaxing, BBQing and sun bathing! I pray for their families who are without them this Memorial day and I pray for them that they return safely SOON! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

& if you get a chance go Check out Lucy Baby Designs ,as her son Carson shows his respect for our fallen soldiers! Isn't he adorable?

I hope you all have a fun, safe and memorable Memorial day, but please remember the real reason we celebrate!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just a little heart swelling soul Inspiration

Lately the two songs have really just spoken to me and made my heart SWELL! I serve an almight and wonderful GOD!


(if I was a better blogger Id know how to add actual video..but alas..and techie I am not :SHRUGS:)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DIY no sew Bowtie tutorial

I decided I wanted our Ring Bearers to wear bow ties, but after looking on etsy I simply couldn't justify the $10+ per bow tie. So I decided to make my own! Here is my tutorial for a no-sew bow tie!

fabric (you only need about 8 inches per bow tie but I got a half yard just in case)
ribbon ( will see why later)
glue gun
alligator clips

(minus scissors and ruler..oops!)

Step 1:  Cut your fabric approximately 8 x 5 inches ( it doesn't have to be exact)

Step 2: Flip you fabric over so that the design is down. Fold up the bottom short side to the center of the fabric and glue with a small dot of hot glue on each corner. Do the same for the other short side. This is what it should look like when this step is done.

Step 3: now fold the other two ends towards the middle and secure with glue dots. Make sure you trim off any loose strings at this point

Step 4: Flip the fabric over and pinch the fabric in the middle to make the bow shape

Step 5: take a piece of ribbon about 2 inches long and glue around the middle of the bow tie

Step 6: Flip the tie over and glue on the alligator clip

This is the finished product. I decided I didn't like the ribbon for the center so I cute a strip of fabric about 2 inches long and 1 inch wide and glued them just like I did with the bow tie fabric and then glued it around the ribbon..make sense?
Here is what it looked like!

Here it is on FIs shirt:)

                                               (before I decided to cover the blue ribbon)

I took the Bowie and boys outfits over to the ring bearers house to have them try them on. And they were ADORABLE!! My girlfriend got pictures on her camera but I didn't:( I cant wait to see them on the big day!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Engagement pictures and all kinds of updates!

First of all HIIiiiii!!! I forgot my blogger account and password so its been ages since I logged on! OOPS! Password was retrieved so IM BAAAACK!

First of all let me show you the MAHVALOUS picture sneak peak my photographer uploaded this morning from my engagement session last night! SHES QUICK!

sorry so small! as soon as shes done with them all ill put up a link for anyone who wants to  check them out!
If you are in the North Georgia area and want a fantastic & FUN photographer you must check out

So lets get a wedding update shall we?
Our wedding date is 132 days away!? WHHHAATTT??
I feel like our planning is going SO slow and I'm freaking out (on the inside) a bit

Bridesmaids looks are completely DONE! CHECK!
Groomsmen looks are done EXCEPT we have a few that need to go order their suit! ::throat clearing and sideways glancing::
Flower girl look is DONE!
Need to order the Ring Bearers bow ties and then they will also be DONE!
We are slowly making installments to all of our vendors! ( this is the part that is freaking me out!)
Invitations are all done except for minor assembling and they will be going out in 10 weeks!
My Bridal shower has been booked for an adorable place in ATL called the Cupcake Lounge! We are doing a fun cupcakes and cocktails theme!:)
My Honeymoon shower in underway
& my girls wont tell me a single thing about my Bachlorette Party!
I'm a little schizophrenic when it comes to this wedding! one minute I'm SO excited and the next im so stressed out about finances I wonder if we shouldn't have just eloped!
I know in the end its gonna be great and so special! I cant wait until September 27th..i probably wont be able to sleep because I'llbe so GIDDY!

In Other News!: Jake and I have started looking for our first home! (is it bad that I'm slightly more excited about this than the wedding??)
We are looking in the areas of Waleska, Ball Ground and Acworth! I know God will guide us to the right spot for us! We are VERY excited!
Lots of new and Fun things coming up for us in the next 6 months! AAAGGHH!

Until next time Bloggers!
-Mrs. H in the making!