Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DIY no sew Bowtie tutorial

I decided I wanted our Ring Bearers to wear bow ties, but after looking on etsy I simply couldn't justify the $10+ per bow tie. So I decided to make my own! Here is my tutorial for a no-sew bow tie!

fabric (you only need about 8 inches per bow tie but I got a half yard just in case)
ribbon ( will see why later)
glue gun
alligator clips

(minus scissors and ruler..oops!)

Step 1:  Cut your fabric approximately 8 x 5 inches ( it doesn't have to be exact)

Step 2: Flip you fabric over so that the design is down. Fold up the bottom short side to the center of the fabric and glue with a small dot of hot glue on each corner. Do the same for the other short side. This is what it should look like when this step is done.

Step 3: now fold the other two ends towards the middle and secure with glue dots. Make sure you trim off any loose strings at this point

Step 4: Flip the fabric over and pinch the fabric in the middle to make the bow shape

Step 5: take a piece of ribbon about 2 inches long and glue around the middle of the bow tie

Step 6: Flip the tie over and glue on the alligator clip

This is the finished product. I decided I didn't like the ribbon for the center so I cute a strip of fabric about 2 inches long and 1 inch wide and glued them just like I did with the bow tie fabric and then glued it around the ribbon..make sense?
Here is what it looked like!

Here it is on FIs shirt:)

                                               (before I decided to cover the blue ribbon)

I took the Bowie and boys outfits over to the ring bearers house to have them try them on. And they were ADORABLE!! My girlfriend got pictures on her camera but I didn't:( I cant wait to see them on the big day!

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