Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our wedding Party

Choosing Bridesmaids was in a way tough and in a way easy! I knew who I wanted in my bridal party BUT to avoid having a VERY lopsided party (more Bridesmaids than Groomsmen) I unfortunately had to narrow it down a bit (and we are still gonna be slightly lopsided..oh well)

Meet the ladies photo 1 Erin and Dean - my sisters - now my maids of Honor:)

Meet the ladies photo 2 Tracy and Catalina- My besties since highschool! Couldnt imagine not having them in on everything!

Meet the ladies photo 3 Beth- Jakes Bestfriends wife- Who knew I could become so close to someone Ive only known 4 years!

Meet the ladies photo 4 Bailey- Another of Jakes bestfriends wives- Love this girl!

Meet the ladies photo 5 Holly- another bestie since highschool!

 My sweet Flower girl Alyssa- the daughter of another good friend Christina:)

 Santiago- Jakes friend since college
 Stephen- best man- friends with Jake since highschol
 Greg- has known jake for 8+ years- they work together:)
 David- a longtime highschool friend of Jakes
 Chris- Jakes Brother:)

 Little Santi- our ring bearer:)
Little Stephen- our Bible bearer:)

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