Friday, January 28, 2011

Hallelujah! FINALLY!

This week at clinicals was AWESOME! Monday I worked in the vascular lab ( i was the first student from our class to do that) and all i got by the end of the day was praise about how good i was! She couldn't believe how great I did with setting up my back table (where all the instruments and such are organized) and I even did the last two AV fistulas by myself with the surgeon! yay me!
    Then on Wednesday I worked with Jackie (she ahhmazing)  and Dr. Morrell  ( a GYN surgeon) he asked me toward the end of the procedure when I was done with school, to which I replied I'm finished in June. Then he looked at his tech and said that they should pass my name along because I was very very good! He said that I did great catching on to the procedure and anticipating what he would need before he needed it! ( so wish I had asked for a reference from him) Then to top that off my techs ( from Tuesday and Wednesday) went around telling everyone ( including my teacher) how great I was and how impressed the surgeons were with my work) They even told her that I shouldn't stop at just Surgical technologist that I should go on to become a first assist ( basically still a tech but you re the DRs right hand man!) EEEEEEE! This makes me feel so so great! Keeping my fingers crossed for this streak to continue!

OK, remember how I mentioned before (or maybe I didn't) about how I'm someone who lives in the future? always waiting for whats next and worrying my butt off about things like "will we have enough money" " what if it doesn't work out" etc etc. Well this week Ive been trying really hard to not only focus on one day at a time but to focus on one case at a time! I think that truly is what has gotten me through this great week! I think when I focus more on the task at hand I concentrate better and can absorb what I'm learning better! GO ME!

Project 365- Day 26

                                                  MMMM...Graham Cracker Ways!;)

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