Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My wish

I'm gonna write this hear because NO ONE reads this blog yet:) seeing as I haven't told anyone about it yet:)

Do you ever feel like theres gotta me more to life? I DO! I mean i have a pretty great life! I love Mr. H and I know one day he will be my husband, and we'll have a cute little 3 bedroom 3 bath house  with a couple of cute little curly headed green eyed babies bouncing around (God willing!) . I'm going to school for Surgical Technology and Ill be done in 5 months!! (YAY)  But is surgical technology REALLY what I want to do?

Honestly? dream is to find something I really really love and make something big out of it!

 Like photography...I've always LOVED photography but...i don't own a camera, Ive never owned a nice camera and I don't know the first thing about ISO and shutter speed! lol

Or Cooking! Ive just started to get into cooking (cooking from scratch is EXpensive!) I watched the movie Julie and Julia...loved it! I think it would be so fun to do something like cook your way through a cook book!

Or if I could come up with some hand made crafty thing that I could actually sell! that would be awesome too! Something where I could open my own etsy shop or something...but once again...starting something like that is expensive!

Maybe one day Ill be able to do something like this! Hopefully when Jake and I get a house ill be able to have my own studio/craft room/ office and ill get to be a little more creative with my time!

here are some pics of my studio inspiration!

 I love the freshness of this room!

 so cheerful! and I love that it goes out onto the patio!

 This one is cute if you don't have much space!

ahhh <dreaming>

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