Monday, January 10, 2011


First let me start by saying WE NEVER GET SNOW! especially 2 times within 3 weeks! Here is GA we got about 2 inches Christmas day! (it was amazing to wake up to a white Christmas!) and then last night at about 1030 it started snowing HARD! By 1230 we had 3 inches of white fluffy goodness covering everything! School was cancelled (YAY) and this morning when i woke up we had 5 inches!!! and yes school has been cancelled for tomorrow too!!(EEEEEEEE)

         This was last night at about midnight. We decided to venture out in Mr.H's truck to go
play in the snow..we were slipping and sliding just trying to get out
of our apartment. So needless to say we turned around and came home!
after our snowball fight!

the beautiful-ness I woke up too!

Rusty-Roo checkin out the snow

our apartment, blanketed in white!

and just for fun...this is the yummy chicken pie I made to keep Mr.H's tummy warm:)

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