Sunday, January 16, 2011


My mom posted this story on her face book page (yup my moms awesome like that!) and I love it....and possibly maybe REALLY needed to hear it!:)

True Story: I was shopping today and just ahead of me was a father with two young children. The boy who was about 6 was running giggling wildly and was tormenting his sister who was probably 8 or 9,  and was dead-set on catching him. The young father had called them down a couple of times and the older child whining and frustrated said "he won't stop, I can't catch him" and starts to cry, arms crossed, as she sets her foot down sharply on the sidewalk. The father, without breaking stride said "just stop chasing him and he'll stop running". She did and the younger child immediately turned around and came back to her. I thought about this all the way home. It strikes me as a fundamental truth: - chasing too hard after anything increases it’s elusiveness, clouds our perspective and makes the chase become the goal instead of what we really wanted from the scenario. Thank you to the young father who had no idea I was even listening.

Sometimes I need to hear these things I..sometimes...always find myself waiting...very impatiently for SOMETHING TO HAPPEN...for school to get easier for finish have a rock on my left ring finger..waiting for our time to get married, or start a family, or buy a house...maybe these things are evading me (or more likely that God is testing my patience and faith in HIS PLAN)'s tough huh?:) maybe I need to learn to sit back, relax and know that God has this fully in his hands!

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