Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011!

Know what I love about the new year? The chance to wipe the slate clean and start all over again! at the end of the year there are always things we wish had happened differently or wish we can change, and the start of a while new 12 months gives us the chance to make a difference and change things! I love that fresh renewed feeling!

This year we brought the new year in the exact same way we did last year. Spending time with 2 of our closest friends Bailey and Stephen, and also their adorable 2 year old Stephen III! Our evening consisted of pizza, apples to apples, Cranium, a little pineapple rum and toasting/kissing in the New year! Then we spend the night and wake up to a wonderful New years breakfast! Sounds pretty simple huh? Well, Ive always believed that the way you start the year off in a way is the foundation for the rest of your year. What better way than to spend time with the ones you care about having fun!

Things I am looking the most forward too in 2011!

-most importantly! I will be graduating from school in 161 days!! woohoo! Its about time people! I mean SERIOUSLY!

- getting out of the teeny tiny damp apartment (i talk bad about it but really am blessed to have it!) and hopefully into a beautiful house! (even if its a rental)

Resolutions: I prefer to call them Goals!:

-loose 15 lbs....why is it when you get into a relationship, get comfy and move it together that your midsection and things gain 384748 lbs? hmmm

-find my spirituality and faith in Jesus Christ again  (I miss this oh so important aspect of my life and have been slipping away from him for the past few years)

-Be there more for my family. I wont get into it right now but, my family has been struggling with some issues for going on 6 years now! 2011 is the year of change! good change...albeit hard change!

-get healthier- & get Jake healthier! ( this goes along with goal 1)- more water, more vitamins!

-be more positive- I can be some where of a Sad Sara, Debbie Downer, etc- this is the year things are gonna look up, I'm going to be more thankful for what I have and realize just how blessed I am!

OK Ill stop there...ill be adding to this list I'm sure!:)

Project 365- A frame a day<----self explanatory!

Day 1 (1.1.11)

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