Thursday, December 30, 2010


Let me introduce myself!

-currently a student of Surgical Technology
-graduating in June
-with JAKE (we will refer to him as Mr.H here)
-We have one furbaby named Rusty (you'll be seeing alot of him)
-In my spare time I like to read, CRAFT(Martha Stewart wanna-be)
  and attempt to learn to cook (gotta compete with the soon to be MIL).

Ok, now some of you are wondering why my blog is called the making of a Mrs...and I'm referring to my boyfriend..well...good point!

Jake and I have been together for a little over 3 years. Right now I am in school full time and not working (stress!) so simply put our finances are NO WHERE near buying engagement rings, planning a wedding etc etc. So as of now the plan stands as this. Ashley graduates school in June, rent a house for a year , hopefully be engaged in 2011, wedding in 2012, buying a house and then maybe this HALLway will lead to baby's room?:) ah yes I know, what a plan i have laid out right?...well that's another thing you should know about me! I'm a planner! I like to know whats gonna happen when and where and at precisely what time! Im sure God laughs at my plans! HA HA! But in all honesty I'm a pretty easy person to please and if I could have the before mentioned plan work out! HALLELUJAH! id be uber happy!

In making this blog I hope to be able to keep up with the events in Mr. H's and my life.  Keep a running list of crafts I've done, would like to do, as well as recipe ideas! Hopefully this blog doesn't bore anyone to tears!

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