Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project 365 Update..

OK I'm bad with updating my project 365 so here goes ( and no i haven't done it EVERY day...but i figure that's okie dokie)

Day 8- Tracy's 25th (again) bday

Day 9- My sisters puppy Elliot that she got ( who passed away a few days later from parvo) I know SO sad!:(

Day 10- Snowy goodness!

Day 11- Second day of ice and snow...this was my view pretty much ALL day!

Day 13- 4th day of ice and snow! Girls movie/ junk food day! Catalina (and baby Braelyn in her tummy) and Tracy

Day 14- Me and Little Stephen, watching Toys Story 2 and having a drink! Love this little one!

and that's where I've left off...i haven't done it at all this weekend...oh well:)

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