Sunday, November 27, 2011


hehehe that titles makes me giggle...and kind of grimace too! For those of you not up on the wedding lingo that's Save The Date :) don't you feel a little better about reading further into this blog LOL

So Jake and I had pretty much decided NOT to do STD's...its really just an extra cost isnt it? unless you are someone who has alot of OOT (OUT OF TOWN..for the wedding lingo impaired) guests. However i ran across this adorable STD/Christmas card on etsy and since we send out Christmas cards every year anyway we decided this was perfect! We can have STD and technically save money because its doubling as our Christmas card this year! Here is the final product!
Cute Right?
The BEST part? I got 75 of these puppies including shipping for $6.22! yup! I simply edited them in, ordered them as prints from snapfish and with the code PENNYNOV I got each print for a penny a piece! woohoo!!! I cant wait to send these cuties out!:)

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