Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Its been a while!

Sorry! Ive been a bad blogger! Lets see what Can i update you on?

First...contrary to my last blog we decided against boots for our girls! We were afraid we were getting TOO rustic and Not enough Elegant like we want. So we decided on a woven wedge, still not super fancy but not too casual. Here's a picture!
Pinned Image These are by Fergalicious and are SOO cute! The girls all seem to like them!

I also ordered my jewelry (finally made a decision):
Pinned Image These were the last pair a lady on etsy had and I think they are perfect for my dress! They even have baguettes like my E-ring!

Since my last post we have booked our photographer (www.katieriver.com) and booked our catering company! Finally some things are getting done!

We are still working on getting our DJ booked, getting our cake tasting booked, and finishing up our Centerpiece ideas! I still feel like I have a TON to do and less than 200 days to do it! ARRGGHH! I know ill be calling on my girls soon to help out with all this STUFF!

If I could give any advice to other planning brides is don't stress so much over the details! I was having such a hard time making decision on things like Bridesmaids shoes and my jewelry..I finally got super frustrated and over it and just made a decision and checked it off! I'm so glad I did because in the end no one will remember what my girls had on their feet or what necklace i had on!

OOOHH! how could I forget? WE CHOOSE OUR HONEYMOON DESTINATION! I cant freakin wait!

im ALMOST more excited about this than the wedding! lol..maybe its because all the planning is a tad stressful! Im ready for a bikini and rum runner! lol

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