Saturday, December 29, 2012

gearing up for the 2013!

What is it about the New Year that is so exciting for me? A chance to wipe the slate clean, and start all over again. Like a crisp sheet of paper and a freshly sharpened pencil. I always get excited and motivated when the new year rolls around. The past couple of years I decided not to make new years resolutions (& Id rather call them N.Y. goals) because lets face it....February-march rolls around and over half of my goals (if not ALL of them) are out he window. I always have the best of intentions but I loose my motivation or find that I simply don't have time to stick to my goals. And I know I'm not the only one this happens to. 

This year Ive decided that I once again will jump on the resolution band wagon. Why? Because I think its good to have goals in life. Something to strive for, because, as my husband says, "there's always room for improvement"

So this year Ill make a list of ALL the things I would like to accomplish in 2013 no matter how big or small they may be. Here is my New Years goals for 2013!

  1. Get Healthier.- now, whose goals some how don't include to exercise and eat healthier? Its because those darn holidays roll around at the end of every year and on the table at every holiday celebration is ham, turkey, dressing, cookies, candy, a little hot toddy and Oreo truffles...oh the Ore truffles! DARN YOU! ::cue the waist pinching:: Here are the specifics of my Get Healthy goal :
                     - Diatomaceous Earth- You can read more about the body cleanse/organic pest control/ 
                        household cleaner here-->  Earth-Works.php

                    -Get moving-For those of you who don't know I work night shift, so alot of my days are spent sleeping. However, I only work 3 night a week (that's about to change to 4) and more recently Ive found myself on days where  don't work that night just being super lazy, probably due to the fact that my body probably hates me for not being on a continuous sleep schedule. So my goal is to get a good 3 30 minute workouts a week. Now this may not seem like much to some of you but for me this will be a big goal!

    2. Go GREENish- Now I'm not a tree hugger, nor do I consider myself to be crunchy (or granola as we say on Labor and Delivery:) but I would say I'm ...crispy :) I like the idea of lessening my footprint here on earth. And...ill be honest..I'm  cheap frugal. If i can save a buck..I'm in! So here are a few things Id like to try out

                     - Unpaper paper towels. In short, cloth napkins. In our house hold Jake and I go through a TON of paper towels. We currently have 1 on the holder and 2 rolls in the pantry. I swear 3 weeks ago there were at least 5 more rolls in our pantry! If we go through 5 rolls of paper towels a month that's 60 rolls of paper towels in our landfills each year! And about $120 a year in paper towels! So Ive already contacted a seller on etsy, moocowmomma who will be doing an order of unpaper towels for me. With the 10 towels per person they (who is they?) suggest, we are looking at 23.65 for all the towels we need! Now I'm sure at some point these will become worn an we will need to replace but if we replace every 6 months that's still less than $50 for our yearly "paper towels" I like the savings! And before you ask, I'm not worried about the cost of energy to wash those towels because we already wash regular towels and dish cloths so ill just toss them in with those! Voila!

                 - I would like to get better at recycling. We get the Sunday paper every week for the coupons. And the rest of the paper goes into the garbage. Horrible. The Hubbs also is a beer connoisseur so id like to recycle those bottles as well. This one we will have to work on because our apt is SOOO tiny that we really don't have room for recycling bins!
    3. ORGANIZATION   oh lord. I am the most unorganized person. well...i take that back. In my head I dream of filing cabinets, labeled baskets and boxes but in reality its usually all I can do get my apartment cleaned much less organized! One of our biggest problems at this apt is that its simply not big enough. We don't have room for everything so lots of  things get left on counters and stacked in corners. However! I am determined to give organizing my apartment a really good go! Check back in a few month and my apartment will look like something out of Martha Stewart magazine. I hope.         

  4.Daily Devotionals: Another goal for 2013 is that Jake and I would start doing some couples devotionals together and that I personally would work on my spiritual walk with God a bit more. I'm currently working on finding a good couples devotional book. And we WILL be reading the 5 love languages together (Ive already read it but Id like for us to read it together)

5. This Blog. I really have a huge desire to blog, share and build my little corner of the Internet. In 2013 ill be working on this blog and hope to revamp in in the next few months so keep your eye out!:)

6.Attic Heirlooms- this is a company I'm gonna give a shot at starting in 2013! A vintage Rental company! dedicated to all things vintage retro and Fantabulous! Ill be doing my first wedding in June of  2013 and I'm very excited!

7. Reading- I use to be an avid reader! Last year however, with all the wedding planning, & starting a new job business I simply didn't have time to read. I don't think i finished 1 single book in 2012! That's just sad! So my goal this year is to read at least 6 books! I think that's totally doable! 1 book every 8 weeks! I can handle that! Now I just have to find a new series to read! suggestions?

This is all that I have so far but I'm sure ill be adding on as the year goes on! What are your new years goals?

-Mrs H

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