Friday, September 21, 2012

7 days and 7 nights & I will be a MRS.

I've said it a million times "I CANT BELIEVE IM GETTING MARRIED IN A WEEK!" Its crazy to me! 15 months ago it seemed like i had all the time in the world to plan this wedding and now just 7 short days to go and Im still scrambling to get it all done! LOL

Im going to try to do a post a day for the next 7 days to document my very last few days as a single woman!

For this post Im going to give my bits of advice I've learned through out this whole process that I would pass on to another bride:
  • Dont be afraid to loosen the reins and let family and friends lend a hand- Ask my mom, ask Jake, ...ask ANYONE who knows me well and they will tell you Im a DIY queen and I have a hard time trusting others to carry out my vision. Through this whole process when someone asks me if I need help with something I always say "aww thanks! Ill definitely let you know when I come across something I need help with" But in my mind I KNOW that ill end up doing it all by myself. Not because ppl werent gracious enough to ask but because Im just that stubborn! Earlier this week I had a bit of a wedding melt down (an unexpected $200 fee for the venue, a custom wedding band that arrived today and didnt fit (and cant be resized!) and an ever diminishing budget) My mom finally gave me a little tough love, told me I was being stubborn and that I needed to trust her in helping me and I finally 7 days before my wedding have turned over a few last minute details to my loving mother so that I dont have a heart attack before my big day. Moral of the story: Delegate friends/family to HELP you...if they love you, they wont mind!
  • Dont over analyze and dont read too many wedding magazines. Thing I did when I got engaged was buy 5 wedding magazines, sing up for several bridal blogs/forums and started building my pinterst boards! Although all of these gave me great ideas, I found that when I loved something and either couldnt afford it or my DIY of it turned out all was a little heart breaking...Unless you have a generous or unlimited budget try not to get your inspiration from $60,000 weddings that had a professional planning from day 1. (maybe this was just me but I wish I had watched a few less, David Tutera wedding shows because at the end I couldnt help but pout and think how my wedding wouldnt be that lovely..:/)
  • Dont stress about the details....and to add to that sometimes too many little details end up being too much detail! Pick a few key aspects that will make a bold statement and go with those. Unless you are going for a VERY unique wedding, I think its best to stick with the classic traditional. Like I said UNLESS you are going for CRAZY UNIQUE!
  • Try to pace yourself when planning and so that the last week of your wedding you can sit back, and marvel in your last week as a single woman and just be excited for the days to come. I wish I could just sit back and relax these last few days.....I can assure you ..thats the opposite of what I'll be doing!!!

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