Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Things WILL go wrong!

So much for writing everyday! HA! things have been so busy this has been the last thing on my mind!

Here is another piece of advice for future brides: THINGS WILL GO WRONG!...now I know people say "oh Ashley be positive" Well..IM POSITIVE THINGS WILL GO WRONG! lol

Here are a few bloopers we've had to manage and wedding day isn't even here yet!

1: FIs custom wedding band came in the mail a week ago...and not only did FI HATE it but..it was HUGE! :que small freakin out tears flowing moment for me: but after I cried for a good 5 minutes, i got it together and we decided to just deal! We got onto amazon.com, found a ring FI liked, ordered it in the RIGHT size and requested overnight shipping. And for $63 Fi has a ring to wear on wedding day :)

2: The distributor for our keg beer for the reception sent the wrong kegs and we were notified 5 days before our wedding. To keep a long story short, we need an unusual/rare size keg for the reception. When we called weeks ago a FEW of the size and beer we wanted were available. Well. the distributor sent the size bigger than we wanted. They are re-shipping the kegs we requested but they may not be here until Thursday evening. Well...that's no good because our rehearsal dinner is on Thursday night...the final outcome of this whole fiasco is unclear even now at 3 days pre wedding! but Ive handed all this off to FI and he assures me he is taking care of it! Fingers crossed!

3. Jake and I spent the first few months of getting to know each other over chips and queso and a tall glass of Texas margaritas on the rock no ice:) So we decided that for our cocktail hour we would do a salsa bar, and margaritas! Well.. the margarita bit went out the window a long time ago when we realized the budget was getting tight. But we still wanted to do the salsa bar so a few weeks ago we start getting quotes from local Mexican restaurants and they wanted to charge us a freakin arm and leg for queso! We literally today at 6 o'clock finalized where the queso is coming from, how it will get there and now much we will get. Talk about stressing out until the last minute!

Moral of this story: Murphy is real and he will come to join you the week/day before and day of your wedding. Accept him with open arms and just be prepared to DEAL!:)

Soon to be Mrs. Hall!

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