Friday, September 7, 2012

in my last few weeks as a MISS

Holy Moly! I cant believe that in 20 days Ill be MRS.HALL! Its crazy! I thought this day would never get here and now its just around the corner!

People keep asking me if Im getting nervous. My answer... NO! Im not nervous at all to marry Jake! I have days where I feel completely in Aw of where I am at this point in life. Its still crazy to me to think that the guy I was praying God would place in my life was Jake all this time! I feel truly blessed! I feel like I am about to marry my best friend!

As the days tick by im trying to tie up all the loose ends of wedding world! Final touches are being put on everything, tiny flags are being made for our dessert table, a marriage certificate is in the works and ribbons are being tied on sparklers. Ive spent SO many years thinking about my wedding..even to the point of cutting out pics and sketching certain aspects (yes im one of those CRAZY girls :) But to be completely honest im SOOO ready for the day to be here! To be able to simply sit back, enjoy and know that through any detail I forgot or anything that never got done ....its all gonna be ok and it will all work out! The moment I think Im most looking forward too is that moment when I round the corner and Im headed for my Husband (how weird does that sound!?) It feels like a chapter of my life book is closing but at the same time it feels like my pen has been dipped in fresh ink and is just waiting to hit paper to start recording what comes after this! Super excited and SUPER BLESSED!

Until Im a MRS!

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