Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wedding Update

Why  haven't I been posting a ton about our wedding you ask? Frankly....I don't give a damn anymore :) OK OK..its not that severe but I have been completely overwhelmed lately! So much to do so little time and $!!! If you didn't already know Jake and I are paying for this wedding all on our own! That's a pretty big feat! Weddings are NOT cheap these days! In order to help us along the way we've been cutting back ...for example Jake's brother Chris moved in with us to cut our monthly rent and utilities bill. Its been nice that our bills are lower but living with someone isn't super easy, and we've discovered that we will probably have to live with him the first 2 months of married life because we are trying to get in a house in the next few months and don't want to sign a new lease. We will see how that goes! Finger Crossed!

So I thought in this post Id just share with you some of the recent DIYs and wedding projects Ive done.

This is something I finished today! I think its pretty fabulous! Its an old window that I bought from a lady, filled it with our favorite Engagement pics and VOILA! Ill be hanging this somewhere at the reception!
This is the sign I made for .26 cents! Yup!! The wood is from an old pallet at Jake's work, and the paint was on sale for .26 cents a bottle!:) I love cheap and free!!;) This sign will great guests at the road where our wedding will take place!

This is the CUTE little ring bearer bowl I partially DIY-ed. The actually heart bowl I bought from a seller on etsy and cost about ...$11 with shipping. Bought the moss and already had the jute twine. A little hot glue and BAM-ring bearer bowl! I plan on taking the moss and string out after the wedding and keeping the little bowl on my sink as a place to put my rings!

This is a wedding knot I made! I didn't want the traditional unity candle or sand ceremony, so when I saw this I knew it was perfect! Each cord represents on of these: Bride, Groom, God. As our Pastor reads (Ecclesiastes 4:12 to be exact) which says:

"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."
Jake and I will braid the three strands together. After you secure it with a clear rubber band and once the wedding is over we will display it in our home. I think its unique and I like that it is a good conversation starter and a way to share our faith when family and friends come over to visit!

These are my 4 top DIYs so far! Ill try to post more as it gets closer!

I'm so flippin' excited! We will be leaving Monday October 1st for JAMAICA and will be gone for 6 glorious nights!!!! Its gonna be great!

soon to be MRS.HALL! (59 days!)

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