Friday, July 6, 2012

Honest blogging: Day 16 (over half way!yay!)

“I’ve just been granted the power of resurrection but I can only use it to bring back one celebrity. I would bring back ____________ because…”

um....Jesus? Hello? how awesome would that be? and I get the chance to point at all the unbelievers and those who say Christians are crazy and say "SEEEEEE he DOES exist!!!!" :)

*side note: I'm so bummed that its Friday and while everyone else is getting off to go to dinner, hanging out with friends etc..I'm headed to WORK:( boo for working weekends!) but on the bright side my bridal shower is SUNDAY!!!! yyyaaaayy! AAAND Jake's mom thinks we may be able to purchase a house after all! It may not be by the wedding but it could be VERY soon after!!!:)

hugs and kisses,
soon to be Mrs.

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