Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stressed out

Yup...that's definitely an accurate statement. Why you ask? Our living situation. Our apartment lease is up in August. We would PREFER not to live with Jake's Brother anymore...or anyone else for that matter. Being a newlywed..Id like to start a home with my husband...and NOT have roommates! Well...long story short, I don't think a loan is in our near future. And when we run our finances...even if we rent a house for a year at a fairly decent price...it leave us with hardly any money in the bank each month! So we can forget about A)actually being able to furnish a house and B) being able to start saving money for future things..(ie. children) Whats a girl to do..?

I know we aren't suppose to stress because lets face it..I KNOW God has all of this planned out already and that it will all work out..but THAT'S SO HARD!! I cant help but worry where my future will go and what it will hold....

end tantrum.

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