Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Honest blogging day 20

Day 20 :“I’m half-naked, cold, tired, hungry, hurt, wet and just washed up on a deserted island. The first things I need to do to survive is…”

  OK lets be realistic here...after I scream and cry and ask God "WHY??!!!!"....I need to find shelter and get dry...I'm sure I could make some sort of makeshift shelter out of?....palm leaves, washed up pieces of wood? and then Id need to build a fire. Id gather small sticks, leaves, branches at this point Id hope I was smart enough to pack a lighter (which I probably wouldn't) so I'm probably try and try and try to start a fire like this guy

cant you see me doing this...just dub in some crazy animalistic groans and crying..because you know my emotional cancer the crab side would come out and Id be a sobbing mess!

*Moral of this story: don't get stranded on an island with probably be of NO help:)

Day 21: “The person or persons that do not read my blog but I wish they would,  would be…”

I wish a lot of people read my blog. Id love to have tons of followers who get inspired by me. But at the present moment that's not happening! If i had to pick 2 people Id say maybe a fabu wedding planner who thinks to herself "this girl needs help finishing her wedding..I think Ill step in, take over and finish it for her...for free!" Yup. that would be nice! BWWAAHHHAAAHHAAA!

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