Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Dear Day

I'm introducing a new Monday series here on the ol' blog. Monday Dear Day!

Dear Iced Chai Latte,
 Why must you be so yummy? I could drink a gallon of you a day...Love, your addicted friend

Dear Wedding,
 You are only 88 days away, which makes me a little short of breath, makes my palms sweaty, and gives me a slight headache. Im not ready for you!...although I am ready to marry my prince!...Love, Soon to be Mrs. H

Dear Facebookers,
 STOP posting pictures of the temperature....I can easily step outside and FEEL how hot it is. Your pictures are filling up my news feed...and its slightly annoying!...Love, Sweaty southern Belle.

Dear My Friends at the beach,
 You are torturing me with all of your pictures! Myrtle Beach? Hawaii?...I wish I were with you all
:( Fingers crossed Im in Jamaica in about 90 days!!!!!!

Love, the Beach-less beauty

Dear Laboring Patients,
       Was there nothing better to do in September than a little Bow-Chica-wow-wow? Labor and Delivery has been HOPPING this month. Each shift I hardly had a chance to sit down and now my feet are achy.  This September try something different, maybe a little walk in the park? A good old game of checkers? There are other ways to entertain yourself!

Love, A joking OB Tech

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