Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 7 of honest blogging

Day 7: If I went to a psychic I would ask 3 questions:

Im changing this question because A) I would never go to a psychic and B) Life is a mystery and I think you take the fun out of it if you find out what it holds for you

so my revised question will be:

If you stumbled upon a old lamp, rubbed it and Genie (frim Aladdin of course) popped out, what would be your 3 wishes?

A) Two million Dollars: I know...what a common answer. Here is what I would do with that  2 Million Dollars. 1 million to my church to go towards missions work. With the other Million Id buy a nice house on a decent amount of land. Buy myself a new SUV. Pay off Jakes truck and buy him an old beat up Jeep (he has been wanting one) Buy us a boat because I love boating!!! and put the rest in savings

B) I wish for my family to be free from any burdens they have. For my mom a new house, all her bills paid off, and a nice vacation. For my Dad Id  do the same, and maybe hope he can get some steady work coming in. Erin, Id help her get a great internship for school, pay for her masters degree and help her so she doesnt have to work while doing either. For Dena, Id help pay for her during school, help her decide what she wants to do in school for that matter. And help her with some emotional/mental things shes dealing with! (see what I did there? like 12 wishes all rolled into one!sneaky sneaky!;)

C) Id wish for all of the orphan children in the world to get homes and mommies and daddies! Just watch this heart breaking story
12-year-old William holding out hope he'll find a family - San Diego, California News Station - KFMB Channel 8 -

Thanks for reading!
Soon to be Mrs.

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