Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 8 of honest blogging

Day 8: name the song that you know all the words too
I have two songs that come immediately to mind

ok...this is quite sad...but the first song that popped into my head was "BABY GOT BACK" ..nice huh? Ill attribute it to all the days of cheerleading practice and riding a few times with the competititon cheerleaders where we would blare this over the bus speakers and dance downt he aisle:)

 This one just makes me laugh..."SHOOP" by salt and peppa circa 1993! Now in '93 I was only 8 years I didnt not sing this song at 8 years old! lol 
 Picture this: 16 year old, driving around in her tiny home town in her white Honda civic, on top of the world with her besties who would have consisted of Catalina Tudela, Holly Padgett, or Brooke Pate...yup that was me the crazy teenage girl doing my own "seat dance" to Shoop  ( and dont ever let Holly Padgett tell you she didnt join in on this seat dancing!)

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