Monday, June 4, 2012

Engagement pictures

 OK Ya'll! I finally got the preview of my engagement pictures form my photographer! & I FREAKIN love 'em!! I do NOT consider myself a photogenic person but I actually kinda like the way I look in these pictures! & of course Mr.Fantastic looks as cute as ever! I'm a sucker for that sweet face! Because I'm at work and am not suppose to be on the computer..OOPS! (thankfully we have no laboring patients:) I'm just posting the link to my wonderful photographers blog! If you live in GA & are looking for a fantastic photographer Katie is your girl..heck..even if you don't live in GA you should fly her out to photograph your event! Shes THAT good! She was even featured in this months KNOT Georgia Magazine!

Here is her site:

Let me know whatcha think!

Hugs & Kisses from the soon to be Mrs (I'm a sucker for a rhyme)

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